The FELIX 1.0 3D Printer

We simply can’t keep up with all the new low-cost 3D printer kits coming out these days, but we’ll tell you what we know about another: The FELIX 1.0, made by (of course) FELIX Printers. As this is a brand new 3D printer we don’t know a lot about it. However, scanning through their material reveals a few key things: 
  • The XYZ axes use sliding bearings on a very rigid frame that should produce more accurate prints – but the print bed moves on the Y axis (print head moves on X axis), potentially shaking the printed object
  • The design is apparently much quieter than its competition
  • The simple design and low number of components should permit faster assembly of the kit, supposedly “2-4 hours”
  • Calibration is said to be straightforward as the machine’s simplicity leads to less calibration
  • A stepper-powered extruder pushes 1.75mm plastic filament into the single print head, but that’s pretty much mandatory these days
  • The kit includes many 3D printed parts (available in Red, Blue or Yellow), as the FELIX is partially self-replicating
  • The print bed does not appear to be heated, but perhaps that will be added in the future
  • You may choose from a wide variety of electrical cables, enabling the device to be used in many countries
  • There’s even a convenient carrying handle on the top of the device
  • A probably-mandatory accessory is the cleanly-designed filament spooler
FELIX Printers do not appear to sell filament yet, but their website indicates they’ll be doing so sometime in the future. Meanwhile, the FELIX 1.0 sells for only €799, a discount of €100 off of their normal price.
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