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Eat Your Face?

Easter is the time when many people eat massive quantities of chocolate, often in the shape of "bunnies". But what about other representations? MIT researcher David Carr has developed this thought by creating a CNC-like machine that scans your face and carves it into a chunk of chocolate. A chocolate face-printer. 
It seems rather straightforward: you assume the position in the hole and a fixed scanner observes the contours of your mug. Then these contours are reflected identically (scaled) onto a cutter traversing the chocolate. It looks very much like getting a duplicate key cut. Except it's your face. 
And that's the problem. Evidently Carr discovered that while people freely eat bunnies, few seem interested in eating their own face. Perhaps people want to preserve the novelty of the item. Or maybe it's just a little too close to cannibalism. 
So, um, what are you printing for lunch? 

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