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eMAKER Hits The Jackpot

The other week we wrote of eMAKER's crowdsourced fundraising initiative to kick start their production of a low-priced entry-level 3D printer kit. They hoped to raise up to USD$30,000 by July 1st. They kinda did that. And more.
They closed out at USD$158,685. 
That's 5.2895 times their target!
We're amazed at the level of interest shown by all those who purchased kits. This should keep eMAKER busy for the next while producing all the 302 kits purchased. 
But what does this mean? Obviously, eMAKER seems to be discovering the sweet spot for 3D printer kit pricing: USD$500. Recently we've seen several manufacturers turn to assembled printers at 3-5X this price level, while eMAKER is taking a different path, at least for now. We expect to see competing kit manufacturers react to this pricing level, and we wonder how this event may affect the pricing of assembled 3D printers. 
Congratulations to eMAKER! 

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