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Origo, The 3D Printer for Kids

You might think 3D printing is hard. Well, it certainly can be. But now Artur Tchoukanov and Fabbaloo friend Joris Peels' new venture Origo attempts to change all that. They're making Origo - a 3D printer specifically designed for children. Imagine what ten-year olds could do with a 3D printer! 
The question we'd immediately ask is if the hardware is usable by kids, what about the complicated software? Where will the children get 3D models to print? The answer showed up in recently-released web-based basic 3D modeling tools, such as 3DTin. These were the catalyst that should permit the Origo to succeed, since you likely can't teach many ten year olds how to use complex 3D modeling software - or afford it either. 
We're seeking more information about this cool project and will update Fabbaloo readers soon. 
Via Origo

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