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Design of the Week: Chrysanthemum

This week's selection is the astonishingly beautiful Chrysanthemum by South African artist Michaelia Janse van Vuuren. A PhD in Electrical Engineering as well as an accomplished artist, van Vuuren focuses on designing artwork specifically for 3D printing from her studio outside of Pretoria. (Click image for larger view)
This 250x250x82mm piece is a centerpiece, but could be used in a variety of ways. van Vuuren says: 
The Chrysanthemum centrepiece is a multi functional design that can be used as either a bowl or a candle holder, depending on which side of the design faces upwards. When the Chrysanthemum is lit, a rhythmic, magical sequence of light and shade is brought to life The images show the Chrysanthemum lit with and LED tea light, unlit and the bowl side.
van Vuuren has produced many other striking works that you may peruse at her website below. But how does she come up with the ideas for these items? She says: 
I create my sculptures by first visualizing the object. This is then translated onto paper, and after a series of sketches transformed into a technical drawing. This drawing dictates the measurements and dimensions needed to translate the artwork into the computer. The scale of the sculpture, distances between parts and mechanical functionality have to be meticulously planned out before I move on to the computer. I use software programs to translate the idea into a printable digital design. 

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