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Staples and CG Trader Offer A 3D Print Challenge

You might recall a year ago when MCOR announced it had struck a deal with Staples to provide color 3D print services in their retail stores. Now, the service is active in Europe and to promote it Staples has teamed up with 3D graphics site CGTrader on a design challenge. 
To enter, you'll have to submit a new design to CGTrader for the contest. You entry will be judged on the following: 
  • Quality of the 3D printable model
  • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the 3D printable model
  • Model printability is approved
  • Clear and attractive presentation on
The distinction of this contest is that it involves the MCOR 3D print technology, which permits full color 3D printing using their ingenious and inexpensive paper process. Most other 3D print contests do not involve color printing, so special attention must be paid to the visual appearance. 
This contest is notable as it has a very decent prize: €1000 (USD$1358) and a €900 one-year subscription to Staples MyEasy3D. 
If you're a 3D modeler with color experience, we recommend you try out your imagination on this contest - and do it before the 21st of October, when entries are closed. 

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