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The Smithsonian Releases 3D Scans

We've written about the Smithsonian's forays into 3D scanning previously, but now you can access some of the 3D scans they've been collecting. Last week the institution released the first batch of 3D scans, all of which can be viewed online and several are suitable for 3D printing. 
As of this writing, some 17 models are downloadable. Some are marked "print ready", meaning they are in STL format. 
This is clearly only a beginning. The Smithsonian has 137 million items in its vast collection, with less than three million on display. The initial batch of 3D models represents a mere 0.0000124% of all their items. 
So far the collection includes a wide selection of unusual artifacts, such as the woolly mammoth skeleton, Abraham Lincoln's life mask, the Wright Flyer and others. Each model may be viewed online in 3D and in many cases file downloads are offered. 
While the 3D models may be tagged "print ready", some do include significant overhangs and lack flat bases. Unless you have access to a powder-based 3D printer you may find yourself spending much time picking off support structures. Be careful when selecting a model for printing.  
Via SI 3D

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