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A Visit to the London Science Museum's 3D Print Exhibit

We strolled through the London Science Museum's new exhibit on 3D printing recently. The intent of the exhibit, entitled, "3D Printing the Future", was to expose more of the public to the amazing technology of 3D printing. Indeed, this was the case as we observed dozens of people marveling over the numerous print examples on display. 
The highlight was the 3D Print "Wall", which contained hundreds of 3D printed items from around the world. In fact, we assisted in the development of this feature by requesting Fabbaloo readers to contact the museum to contribute prints for precisely this display. 
Included in the display was an example print of the notorious Liberator 3D printed gun. From the looks of it, it appears to have been used - hopefully not in the museum. 
Also on display was a MakerBot Replicator 2. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the museum also announced this week that they now sell the MakerBot machine from their well-stocked science shop. 

The 3D Printed Robot Heart Powered by Urine

The Be3D DeeOrange 3D Printer