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The iMakr Store

Billed as the "world's largest 3D printing store", iMakr is set to open April 30th in London. The 2500 sf retail operation, located in Farringdon, will "stock a large range of personal 3D Printers from major American, European and Asian manufacturers". 
Although iMakr hasn't said much, we would expect the store would carry equipment from MakerBot, which has been on a retail/reseller track lately. Which other brands might appear on iMakr's shelves? It's hard to say, but Solidoodle, Ultimaker and  PP3DP could be present. 
We're not sure whether Cubify's line of personal 3D printers will be there, as we have not yet seen 3D Systems make a move toward retail sales. But there's always a first time. 
We're hoping to check out the iMakr store in person soon. Are you? 
Via iMakr

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