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iMakr Adds Cubes

Call us not totally surprised, but the new iMakr 3D print store in London announced they've added the full Cubify line of 3D printers to their shelves. 
A press release states they're announcing the "imminent arrival of the Cube, CubeX and CubeX Trio 3D printers in iMakr Store". The Cubify lineup addresses both casual and prosumer level 3D printing needs. The new, specialized 3D print store is set to open on April 30th and is billed as the "world's largest". 
As far as we can tell, this is the first time 3D Systems has ventured into a true full-on retail space for their Cubify 3D printers, which have previously been sold primarily via web. More than likely the pricing of these units will be similar or identical to that offered on the web. 
The move is a good one Cubify, as it enables foot traffic to see and touch 3D printers that might otherwise remain mysterious machines on a web site to some people. We're very curious to see what sales levels develop with this retail experiment. 
What other machines will stock the shelves of the iMakr store? 
Via iMakr

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