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The Beauty of Great 3D Printer Filament

Remember we performed some tests on the FoxSmart filament? We did one more test afterwards and found something very interesting.

We printed another copy of Virtox’s Julia Vase #004 - Bloom to finish off our spool. It turned out quite nicely, as you can see above, but our 3D printer ran out of FoxSmart filament before completing the job. No matter - we simply swapped filament with another handy spool of white PLA from another vendor and resumed the print, which completed without incident. 

Then we took a close look at the two filaments side by side. See the difference here? Note that both PLA filaments were printed in the same print job with exactly the same standard settings, which, by the way, were the specs for the upper filament, not the lower. 

The filament quality difference was much more apparent when illuminating the interior of the print. In this image you can clearly see where the second filament sample began. The surface is somewhat less smooth, always undesirable. But what we found even more interesting is the visual appearance, how the light flows differently on the two filaments. 

The lower section is much more attractive as the light exhibits a consistent and brilliant glow. Thus, we have a significant difference in the visual appearance of FoxSmart prints. 

There’s a message here. Quality filament produces not only well-shaped prints, but they also look much better. Beautiful prints come from great filament

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