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The Quant 3D Q1000 3D Printer

A new industrial 3D printer from OK International and partner Tiertime could shake things up in company labs.

The Quant 3D line is a venture between USA-based OK International and Tiertime, makers of the well-known UP! brand of 3D printers as well as lesser-known industrial 3D printers. While they intend on marketing a variety of 3D printers, the new Q1000 is most notable. 

Why? Because it’s big and industrial. Industrial means it includes features suitable for shared workshop use, such as print queuing, completion notifications, live video status, multiple network connectivity options and heavy-duty filament cartridges for unattended operation and more. 

The Q1000 is capable of printing: “ABS, Conductive ABS, ESD ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETG with PA, Flexible PLA coming soon” with soluble support material at layer sizes ranging from 0.35mm down to 0.10mm. Their build volume is quite large, being 350 x 350 x 350mm. All of this happens in a heated chamber, for which they say they’ve received clearance from patent-holder Stratasys, with a “freedom to operate”

[UPDATE] We've been contacted by Stratasys representatives, who inform us that: "Stratasys has not given any 'clearance' or 'freedom to operate' of any kind to any third party with respect to the Quant 3D 1000 3D Printer." Perhaps OK International may want to look into this further. 

We find this interesting, as the Q1000 would compete directly with several comparable Stratasys FDM machines that are priced far above the Q1000’s USD$30,000 price.

Via OK International

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