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It’s A New Day at Fabbaloo!

2014 Masthead Large.png

If you’re a long time reader of this publication, you’re probably noticing the significant changes we’ve made to the site today. The changes are perhaps the most significant in our seven year history. So what’s changed? 
Right at the top we’ve changed our branding. We’ve got ourselves a brand new flat logo and icon in simplified colors. But that’s just the beginning.  
The blog system itself is much improved. We’re now totally mobilized! And it’s dynamic, too. As your page size shrinks, the blog will automatically reshape itself to fit your device. We now work crisply on all platforms. 
Image display is a little different. As the page width changes, the images automatically change size, too. Give it a try! 
We’ve been busy re-hooking up functions provided on the old platform, including newsletters, feeds and much more. We’re reasonably certain it all work, but if you notice something amiss, feel free to give us a shout at

These are just the beginning. Watch for more changes. 
Welcome to the New Fabbaloo!


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