Structur3D Launches Discov3ry: The 3D Paste Extruder

As anticipated, new startup company Structur3D has launched their “universal paste extruder”, named “Discov3ry”. 

As we covered previously, the Discov3ry extruder uses pressure to push practically any squishy material out the extrusion tip of your 3D printer. They call it a “pastruder“. The materials one might use are endless, but include chocolate, wood filler, silicone, cake icing, drywall paste, nutella, polyurethane and much more. We’re expecting their user community to pioneer all manner of squishy stuff in this equipment. 

You’ll note that the list of possible materials includes some that are edible. Don’t worry, Structur3D has constructed the materials path of Discov3ry with foodsafe components. You WILL be able to eat your prints. (Editor’s note: We finally got a chance to say that!)

The Discov3ry is an extruder, not a 3D printer. While most extruder upgrades simply replace existing extruders, the Discov3ry works like an external attachment as shown above.  They say the extruder can work with almost any printer: 

If your printer uses plastic filament, it is almost certainly compatible with the Discov3ry.

Specifically, they list these manufacturers as having compatible equipment: MakerBot, Ultimaker, Printrbot, RepRap, Felix, Leapfrog, LulzBot, Bukito, Solidoodle and more. Apparently any machine that uses a stepper-based extruder can be made to work. 

Since the launch is a crowdfunding campaign, Structur3D offers a variety of participation levels. The first level, which is likely to sell out quickly, is set at USD$249 for the first batch of extruders, which include a variety of tips. As succeeding levels sell out, the price rises. 

We like Structur3D’s approach: enable an entirely new function on existing machines with an attractive, easy-to-use and install external unit. We think they’ll sell out rapidly. 

But will it handle avocados? 

Via Kickstarter

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