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The Flashforge Dreamer 3D Printer

flashforge dreamer.jpg

Flashforge’s latest 3D printer is the Dreamer, and it’s quite an improvement from their previous machines. 

The company began some years ago by producing machines that were suspiciously similar to MakerBot’s, but at a lower price point. The machines proved immensely popular and reliable. As a result the company grew and has now developed a machine with a lot more features. 

The Dreamer adds to the capabilities of its predecessor, the Creator, although it’s clearly an evolution of the prior design as some of the specifications are similar. But here’s the new bits on the dual-extruder machine:

  • Spiffy new exterior case
  • Interior LED strip lighting
  • WiFi support 
  • Multi-language color touch screen control panel
  • 4Gb storage in-machine to hold sliced 3D models for printing
  • No platform calibration required

What might you pay for all this extra? Only USD$1,299. We think that’s a very good price for a machine with these features. 

Via Flashforge

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