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The Kentstrapper Zero 3D Printer

Florence-based Kentstrapper announced the “Zero” 3D printer with a number of ease-of-use features. 

Kentstrapper has created several desktop filament-extrusion 3D printers previously, but the more sophisticated Zero adds these features: 

  • The Zero can detect the end of a filament spool, pause the machine to wait for you to change the material and resume the print. 
  • They’re using an unusual mechanical arrangement to move the extruder around the X and Y axes: HBot. This permits smooth movements able to print layers as small as 0.02mm! 
  • In only 150 seconds, the machine can completely calibrate the bed level and continue with a perfect print. 
  • Generous build volume of 260 x 260 x 280mm.

There’s also a beautiful and simple to operate color touch screen to control the Zero. 

Finally, the Zero includes a power failure feature in which the machine detects a lack of power and gracefully saves the current state of the active print, which can be resumed when power is restored. 

With the number of machines we now see emerging with auto-calibration, it seems that it may soon become a required default feature on future machines. Meanwhile, the Kentstrapper Zero is already there. 

Via Kentstrapper

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