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GrabCAD Workbench Now Free!

GrabCAD’s excellent Workbench product is now available for free, disposing of previous monthly fees. 

The GrabCAD Workbench is an online service permitting the creation of a kind of “shared workspace” in which multiple 3D designers can securely share their work. Check out the video below to understand how it works: 

Typically a workspace would be created for purposes of a specific project. However, it’s a lot more than a simple file share like Dropbox, as the 3D files are treated intelligently. Here’s some of the key features:

  • Desktop synchronization
  • Integration with CAD programs
  • File format conversion
  • File change and revision control
  • File comparison to reveal changes
  • Backups and restores
  • Lockout during editing
  • and more

According to a detailed report on SolidSmack, the product used to require a minimum USD$70 per month fee. However, that’s all gone now. 

The change in attitude seems to come from Stratasys, who recently acquired GrabCAD. Accordingly, Stratasys is treating the environment as another major piece in their 3D printing ecosystem, a way, ultimately, to encourage more use of their 3D printers and services. That’s definitely not a bad thing.

For users, it means there’s now a professional sharing service available at no charge to anyone. Sign up now! 

Via SolidSmack and GrabCAD

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