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You Can Help 3D Print Edgar Allan Poe

We The Builders has launched another crowd printing project, this time to 3D print a bust of writer Edgar Allan Poe.

This group has previously produced crowd prints of George Washington and Benjamin Franklin, with great results. The idea is that contributors print a small chunk of the larger work and mail them in for gradual assembly. The process works well, but the results are always a kaleidoscope of colors and materials. 

It also works faster than printing on a single machine, too, since it’s possible to have many machines working in parallel on the project. 

We The Builders hopes to recruit 200 printers to produce the 250 slices of this peculiar 3D model, designed by Ryan Kittleson. The final assembly should be approximately 33 inches (84cm) tall. 

And it will be of many colors.

In fact, they’ve already seen “ABS, PLA, PHA, wood, resin, metal plated, UV reactive, bronze filled, glow-in-the-dark, and multicolor dyed and filament swapped parts”.

If you'd like to participate, head on over and check out this project. 

Via We The Builders

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