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Farsoon Enters Americas: More 3D Metal Printer Choices Than Ever Before

The Farsoon FS271M 3D metal printer

The Farsoon FS271M 3D metal printer

Another Asian 3D metal printer manufacturer has launched operations in North America: Farsoon. 

The seven-year old company, based in Changsa, Hunan Province in the interior of China, focuses on selective laser sintering technology. They’ve implemented both plastic and metal 3D printing systems using their process and currently market three plastic machines and two metal options. 

The metal options are of more interest to me, as that’s the hot topic in 3D printing these days. Their two models are: 

A large unit, the FS271M, shown at top. This device has a generous build volume of 275 x 275 x 320mm and uses a 500W Yb-fiber laser to fuse metal powders. The FS271M can sinter up to 20ml of powdered metal per hour with a scanning speed of 15m/s. 

A smaller unit, the FS121M, with its build volume of 120 x 120 x 100mm and lower-powered 200W Yb-fiber laser. This machine, as does the FS271M, can print in layers as small as 0.02mm, which is quite fine for a 3D metal printer. 

Both machines are “open materials’ devices, meaning you are free to use any metal powder you’d like in them. Safety is ensured by using either Argon or Nitrogen gas within the build chamber to avoid unfortunate events involving oxygen and powdered metals. 

This company’s new American venture seems typical of companies these days: with interest in 3D metal printing exploding, more vendors appear to take advantage of the increasing market size. 

There has never been more choices for selecting 3D metal printing equipment. 

Via Farsoon Americas

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