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Don’t Forget The Fabbaloo Community Program

Some of the 3D print community projects we've supported

Some of the 3D print community projects we've supported

For the past months we’ve been running an unusual support program for certain members of the 3D print community. 

The program intends to give a hand up to non-commercial and open source projects related to the 3D printing industry. If accepted to the program, your project could receive a boost from a custom written story on the project and a month of free advertising services from this publication. 

We’ve been quite successful so far, promoting a number of worthy projects. They include: 

There are plenty of fabulous non commercial 3D printing projects out there. If you are one, feel free to apply to our community program using this form. If you aren’t such a project but feel strongly about one, give them a poke to apply, and we’ll thank you. 

Open source projects in particular have played a major role in the development of 3D printing; we would not be in our current state of success without having access to open source hardware and software designs. And with them, even more projects have made life and work far easier by simplifying workflows and providing innovative new procedures and processes. 

It’s in all our interest to support non commercial open source projects, and that’s what we’re doing with our free 3D print community support program

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