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Design of the Week: Air Raid Siren

A 3D printed, hand-cranked air raid siren

A 3D printed, hand-cranked air raid siren

This week’s selection is the rather loud Air Raid Siren design by Thingiverse contributor MLEPH. 

Somehow we missed this one that came out a couple of years ago, but it is still indeed an excellent 3D print project, and you’ll end up with an actual, hand-cranked air raid siren that really works. 

There’s quite a few parts to this project, around twenty in all. Some of them must be 3D printed a few times as well. 

But the big challenge to this project is to 3D print the parts very accurately, because after assembly all these parts must work smoothly together. There are many parts that must slide freely beside each other, while at the same time pushing air in such a way as to produce the air raid sound.

In fact, the designer recommends that you apply a layer of oil to the rotating parts to ensure they run smoothly. 

Parts for the 3D printed air raid siren

Parts for the 3D printed air raid siren

One caution: in order to produce the sounds, the gearing of this machine will cause some parts to rotate at a very rapid rate. You know what this means: don’t put your fingers in places where they will get clipped! 

The Air Raid Siren 3D model is available for free download at Thingiverse.

Via Thingiverse

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