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Fusion3's Updated Professional 3D Printer

The F410 Professional desktop 3D printer from Fusion3

The F410 Professional desktop 3D printer from Fusion3

Fusion3 replaced their F400 3D printer with the new F410, and it’s not just “10” better. 

The North Carolina-based company has been producing high quality professional-use 3D printers for years, with the earlier F400 and F306 before that. Each model has, at the time of release, included premium features. 

The F400, for example, released in 2016, included noise reduction, air filtration, safety interlocks, hardened steel nozzles, remote management, large color touchscreen, automated calibration, fast print speeds due to a 32-bit controller, very generous build volume and the ability to 3D print virtually any commonly available thermoplastic filament material with print temperature below 300C. 

Those features are also all included on the new F410. 

The new machine includes swappable nozzles, so that you can 3D print larger models much faster than with the standard 0.4mm nozzle. Also included are 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzles, which provide high flow rates. 

The F410, like it’s predecessor, sports an enclosed chamber. This enables the machine to maintain a 45C interior temperature during print operations that should significantly increase print reliability and quality. The print surface is actively heated, and uses a zonal approach to ensure equal heating to all points on the bed. 

The automated leveling process uses a conductive sensor, rather than a physical switch, making the system more reliable and less prone to wearing out.

The F410 from Fusion3 comes with an optional rolling cart

The F410 from Fusion3 comes with an optional rolling cart

An optional rolling cart can be purchased to not only mount the F410, but also store all of its materials and tools in a convenient location. 

The F410’s build volume is very slightly smaller than the F400, but is still quite large at 355 x 355 x 315mm.

One of the most powerful aspects of the F410 system is its ability to 3D print a very wide array of materials, perhaps the broadest I’ve yet seen. Fusion3 goes to great lengths to ensure they provide an open materials system for operators to choose any material they desire. 

But the company has actually certified a large number of popular materials from the major filament vendors, including colorFabb, Taulman, Hatchbox, MakerShaper, Proto-Pasta, Filamentum, E3D, Ultimachine and many others. In fact, Fusion3 publishes a rather long page listing all the materials and includes an image of a successful print with each material. 

This is important as it clearly demonstrates the machine is entirely capable of 3D printing the given material. I should note that these sample prints are inevitably perfect, thus proving the machine’s quality regardless of the material. 

The new F410 is available now, and is priced at USD$4,599, similar to the previous F400. 

Via Fusion3

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