Design of the Week: Bunny Rabbit Pulling Carrot Doorstop

, Design of the Week: Bunny Rabbit Pulling Carrot Doorstop
A rather fun doorstop you can 3D print [Source: Thingiverse]

This week’s selection is the extremely cute “Bunny Rabbit Pulling Carrot Doorstop” by “enthusiastic tinkerer” Garret Durland.

Tennessee-based Durland worked with Reddit contributor Gabe2252 to produce the printable design, which has been posted on Thingiverse for anyone to freely download. The pair used Blender to create this fun design.

, Design of the Week: Bunny Rabbit Pulling Carrot Doorstop
A fun 3D printed doorstop [Source: Thingiverse]

Durland suggests printing it with supports, as there are some portions of the geometry that have significant overhangs. If you’re actually intending on using this as a real doorstop, I would also strongly suggest you beef up the strength of the print by adding additional external perimeters, increasing the infill percentage, and ensuring the layers bond strongly.

For finishing, it’s recommended that you paint the print if you don’t have access to a multimaterial 3D printer that can handle three different colors simultaneously. Durland printed his sample shown in the images here with a brown filament so that he did not have to paint the bunny itself, and needed to finish only the carrot — in orange and green.

, Design of the Week: Bunny Rabbit Pulling Carrot Doorstop
Would you 3D print this doorstop?

I quite like this 3D model simply because it’s, well, cute. Although it is a static design, the form tricks the mind into seeing motion. You can feel the strength that bunny is exerting on the trapped carrot. You sympathize with the bunny because you know he needs that carrot, and he needs it right now.

Like a good photograph, this 3D model tells a story, without any motion at all.

That’s the kind of 3D model I like.

Via Thingiverse

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