Design of the Week: Coronavirus

, Design of the Week: Coronavirus
A 3D model of the Coronavirus [Source: MyMiniFactory]

This week’s selection is a 3D printed Coronavirus!

The Coronavirus 3D model was created by Boston-based mechanical designer Greg Bejtlich using SOLIDWORKS.

Bejtlich says: 

”I’ve always been a fan of visual aids for education, especially when it can be hands on. Introducing a new 3D interpretation of the Coronavirus (aka. 2019-nCoV). The model can be printed with FDM and comes as three separates pieces joined with an adhesive. Tree supports or zig-zag support with “Support Roof” enabled will do.

Coronavirus 3D Model

, Design of the Week: Coronavirus
A 3D model of the Coronavirus (half) [Source: Fabbaloo]

The two halves of the virus have a cylindrical hole, and there’s a pin that must also be 3D printed to align the two halves together. 

How realistic is this representation of the virus? Bejtlich provides an image of the actual virus from the US CDC:

, Design of the Week: Coronavirus
Microscopic image of the Coronavirus [Source: CDC via MyMiniFactory]

It’s close, and could be an interesting display as a reminder for everyone to take appropriate cautions as we traverse this viral outbreak. 

If there’s any Coronavirus I must have around the house, it would be this 3D print, and not the real virus. 

Via MyMiniFactory

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