RAMP MD: Helping A Region Go Additive

How can you learn additive manufacturing? Where can you get experience at a low cost? One state seems to have figured out a way to do so.

$GE Additive in Australia

GE Additive Goes Down Under

Focus is on Australia as GE Additive has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the New South Wales Government to bring industrial 3D printing capabilities to the new Aerotropolis project.


President Obama is 3D Scanned

A team from the Smithsonian performed an extremely detailed 3D scan of US President Obama.


3D Printed National Gifts

British PM David Cameron knows a bit more about 3D printing than we imagined: He’s just presented a 3D printed gift to Israeli President Shimon Peres. 


More 3D Printing Hubs in the USA Planned

A brief mention of 3D printing occurred during US President Barack Obama’s annual State of the Union Address last week. Apparently the high-tech manufacturing hubs previously announced by that administration were successful.


Presidential Interest In 3D Printing?

We believe it’s huge and growing, but it’s always good to evidence of this, which we noticed in a comment thread on io9, where they


Obama Announces Three More 3D Printing Centers

US President Obama announced a competition to land three new manufacturing centers, to follow on the success of the first Ohio-based center, the National Additive


3D DC Rides Again

Last year Public Knowledge organized a small conference in Washington DC with the objective of providing real information to US legislators on the new topic


A Visit to the ITC

You’re looking at a picture of Stephen McKendry-Smith of Manitoba’s Industrial Technology Centre. This organization is a government-funded operation dedicated to economic development, particularly in


More Money For 3D Printing?

Last Friday US President Obama announced a new initiative to increase US competitiveness in manufacturing: the Advanced Manufacturing Process Partnership, or AMP. The goal is


US Government To Operate Fab Labs?

What? We think of Fab Labs as independent operations supplying a focus for local fabrication activities, channeling ideas, tools, techniques, parts and space together where

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