Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

We were directed to a patent describing a composition for 3D printable concrete.  This would certainly be a very useful capability, as the many attempts at 3D printed buildings using concrete extruders have had mixed success. However, most, if not all, of them have been using standard concrete materials.  We know from experience with thermoplastic… Continue reading Look Who’s Patented 3D Printable Concrete

Breaking: Afinia’s Startling Response to Stratasys’ Patent Claims

After appropriate time for attorneys to do their work, Afinia has formally responded in court documents to Stratasys’ claim of patent infringement. Readers may recall that Afinia is the target of a patent claim by Stratasys. The larger company claims Afinia has violated four of their numerous 3D printing-related patents.    In the response, Afinia… Continue reading Breaking: Afinia’s Startling Response to Stratasys’ Patent Claims

3D Printing Patents Sky Rocket in Number

In a recently released report, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has stated that the amount of patent filing related to 3D printing has increased dramatically since the year 2000.   After analyzing 9000 patent records filed since 1980, a team of IPO researchers pinpointed a rapid upswing in 3D printing related patents; particularly in… Continue reading 3D Printing Patents Sky Rocket in Number

Stratasys Solves Those Troublesome 3D Print Seams

If you’re using an extrusion-based 3D printer, you’re likely familiar with the problem of seams. It’s an annoying strip right up the side of your object that disrupts the otherwise smooth surface of your 3D print.    The seam is actually composed of the vertical accumulation of start / end points from each layer’s perimeter.… Continue reading Stratasys Solves Those Troublesome 3D Print Seams

EFF Challenges 3D Printing Patent Applications

In a dramatic move, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched legal challenges against six foundational patent applications directly related to 3D printing. They’ve done this by submitting prior art (evidence of prior use or invention by others) to the proper authorities.    The six patents include:    3D model Voxel-based additive manufacturing UV-curable materials Support… Continue reading EFF Challenges 3D Printing Patent Applications

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iRobot Moving Into 3D Printing?

A very detailed patent was recently issued to iRobot and Raytheon for a “Robot Fabricator”.    iRobot is well-known for their Roomba series of household cleaning ‘bots, but they’re also manufacturers of many commercial and military robots. Raytheon is a long-time high-tech industrial focusing on military and electronics markets. Together they bring a huge amount… Continue reading iRobot Moving Into 3D Printing?

Preventing 3D Printed Piracy… Or What?

A patent has been awarded to The Invention Science Fund, an organization holding patents for former Microsoft CTO Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures company.   What does this patent do? It’s a method to implement copy-protection on your 3D printer!    Wait a moment – Does this mean we will be unable to print some of… Continue reading Preventing 3D Printed Piracy… Or What?

The Phenix vs. EOS Patent War Heats Up

We’ve been advised that Phenix Systems has filed a lawsuit against 3D printer manufacturer EOS. This is more than likely in response to EOS’s filing of a lawsuit against Phenix Systems for alleged patent violation.    The new lawsuit from Phenix alleges that EOS has violated United States patent number 6,767,499 (Fast Prototyping Method by… Continue reading The Phenix vs. EOS Patent War Heats Up

KraftWurx’s Patent Available

The legalities behind the KraftWurx 3D print service/software are now available for public viewing, courtesy of the US Government’s Patent and Trade office. Patent application number 20110313878, entitled “Made-to-order direct digital manufacturing enterprise” includes this abstract:   Methods and systems for designing and producing a three-dimensional object selection of a base three-dimensional object from a… Continue reading KraftWurx’s Patent Available

3D World Gets DMCA’d

This was totally inevitable. Earlier this week a new object posted to Thingiverse was widely discussed. It was a great object – apparently able to visually simulate an impossible object: The Penrose Triangle, except in reality. And the design succeeds, at least when viewed from the correct angle.    But then the fun started. Ulrich… Continue reading 3D World Gets DMCA’d

Objet Patents a New Print Material

We’ve just been going through a rather lengthy patent application submitted by Eduardo Napandensky and Diana Ravich – and the patent is assigned to Objet Geometries, one of the top line commercial 3D printer manufacturers. The patent describes a mysterious new print material that has new color and strength properties.   Specifically, this is the… Continue reading Objet Patents a New Print Material


We’ve been wondering how property rights will work in the future, when anyone will be able to punch out objects on their 3D printer as necessary. Will you go to Home Depot to get that bolt? Or perhaps you will just print one? Do you have the design for the bolt? Maybe you need to… Continue reading Fab-onomics

Printing Tissue by Ink-Jet

It’s not exactly Fabbing as we know it, but the World Intellectual Property Organization now includes an entry on printing live tissue. Yes, I mean punching out “mammalian cells” via an ink-jet process. Evidently the cells are deposited in layers, much like 3D printing, onto an existing substrate. In some cases the substrate is itself… Continue reading Printing Tissue by Ink-Jet