Additive Manufacturing 2.0?
additive manufacturing 2.0

Additive Manufacturing 2.0?

Is the current inflection point for 3D printing tipping us into “Additive Manufacturing 2.0”?

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public
desktop metal

Desktop Metal CEO: What It Means To Go Public

3D printing unicorn Desktop Metal announced today that it will go public by the end of this year; we catch up with the CEO to learn more about what that means for the company.


3D Printing Is Emerging

The COVID-19 crisis has shown deficiencies in the supply chain, providing opportunity for democratization of production with 3D printing.


3D Printing and the $35 Billion Sales Industry

What happens if the 3D printing industry actually grows to the extent predicted by forecasters? What kind of additive manufacturing opportunities exist?


3D Printing and Commercial Refrigeration

Charles Goulding and Peter Favata of R&D Tax Savers take a look at how the commercial refrigeration industry is beginning to make production use of 3D printing technology.


3 Things I Like About The 3D Printing Industry

There’s just something about 3D printing that keeps me coming back for more. Here are the 3 things I like most about the 3D printing industry after a decade of working in this field.


How Has 3D Printing Changed?

How has the 3D printing industry changed over the last decade? Perhaps more importantly — what changes still need to happen? A workforce perspective.

$3D printing in the supply chain

Book of the Week: Supercharg3D

This week’s selection is “Supercharg3D: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain” by Len Pannett.

$optomec lens

Optomec Eyes Opportunity

We recently caught up with Optomec for a chat about opportunities in the 3D printing industry.


RAPID + TCT 2019 Is A Wrap

RAPID + TCT 2019 was a busy week in 3D printing, with plenty to see and a lot to learn.


What Is Industrial 3D Printing?

There isn’t an industry on Earth that won’t be touched, and potentially transformed, by the maturation of 3D printing technology. But for this to happen, additive manufacturing has to migrate from the hobbyist’s desktop to factory floors all across the world.


Is Hybrid Manufacturing Worth the Hype?

A new style of production is beginning to emerge — hybrid manufacturing — which combines both additive and subtractive techniques. It’s been getting a lot of attention recently, but is hybrid manufacturing worth all the hype?


Jabil Introduces Engineered Materials

Product solutions mainstay Jabil introduces its next step forward in industrializing 3D printing: Engineered Materials.


Automakers’ 3D Printing Dedication

3D printing is prominent in the automotive industry. Automakers are starting to lift the veil on the depth of their investments.


AdditiveNow Emerges

Aurora Labs and WorleyParsons’ 50/50 joint venture, AdditiveNow, emerges today.

3D printing

The Terminology of Technology

3D printing / additive manufacturing / rapid prototyping — what’s the difference?


3D Printing for Mining and Gold

Charles Goulding and Andressa Bonafe of R&D Tax Savers discuss 3D printing in the mining industry.


Bigger Shows Show a Bigger Industry

Manufacturing shows offer a glimpse of the latest and greatest in industry — including when that next big thing is industry itself.


Trends in 3D Printing for Production

This week, I had the honor to present a discussion on Trends in 3D Printing for Production at the International Symposium of Additive Manufacturing Taiwan, 2018.


3 Decades of 3D Printing in 3 Stages

I caught up this week with Stefaan Motte, Vice President and General Manager of Software at Materialise, to discuss three decades of 3D printing in three stages.


An Excerpt from Wohlers Report 2017

Earlier this year, ENGINEERING.com had the opportunity to review Wohlers Report 2017. To provide further insight into the report, here we’ve published an excerpt from the report. 


The 3D Printer Financial Chart

Tuan Tranpham has posted a very telling chart showing where many current 3D printer offerings lay on a financial scale. 


3D Printing: The Key to the Solar System

A new paper from NASA proposes how to leverage 3D printing and robotics technologies to literally take over the solar system. 


How to Overcome 3D Printing Challenges for Aerospace

While there are all sorts of fun ideas and projects to be realized through modern 3D printing technology, engineers within the aerospace sector are currently researching its usage for reasons that are far more serious. 


How Do You Implement 3D Printing?

While some readers might think getting into 3D printing is as simple as buying a machine and powering it up, that’s definitely not the case for industry users. 


The Thing That Happened to 3D Printing

I’m reading a piece in TechCrunch by Signe Brewster entitled “Whatever happened to 3D printing?” and have some thoughts. 


3ntr’s Industrial 3D Printers Enter the U.S. via Plural AM

For quite some time, the only manufacturer of industrial thermoplastic extrusion, or fused deposition modeling (FDM), 3D printers was Stratasys, a leader in the 3D printing space that only became more powerful after merging with Israel’s Objet in 2012. 


Arevo Labs’ Fascinating Materials and Software

In the middle of Silicon Valley lies the headquarters of an advanced 3D printing company: Arevo Labs, who produce some extremely interesting materials and software. 


The Heavy-Duty AON 3D Printer

If there ever was a 3D printer that bridges the gap between expensive industrial 3D printers and inexpensive desktop machines, the AON is it. 


3D Printing: What Works, and What Doesn’t

3D print technology has been in existence for decades, but it can’t do everything. There are things it is good at, and others it isn’t good at doing.


The HEFT: Designed With 3D Printing

A simple snow shovel attachment project made extensive use of 3D printing technology to develop a unique product. 


The RepRap Industrial

RepRap 3D printers are for hobbyists, right? For tinkerers who like to build their own machines? Not always, if you were to ask the brothers


3D Printing an Injection Mold?

The traditional process for making plastic parts is to first create a metal mold into which hot plastic is injected. After the plastic cools, remove


Withings New Scale Rescued By 3D Printing

For those accustomed to digital manufacturing using 3D printing, it’s becoming hard to imagine how companies designed products in the past. Today’s leading companies use


Demand for 3D Printers Continues to Grow

In a recently released report, independent market research firm IDTechEx found that the 3D printing market did an impressive billion dollars in business in 2012,

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