The Twist Of Twist 3D Printing: Black PETG Parts
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The Twist Of Twist 3D Printing: $29 Black PETG Parts

Sometimes the twist of an idea is that it’s straightforward. Such is the case for Slant 3D’s new service, Twist 3D Printing, which is offering flat rate prototyping.

Reimagining The Supply Chain With Large-Format 3D Printing

Reimagining The Supply Chain With Large-Format 3D Printing

As the global supply chain is focusing on transitioning for better agility, large-format 3D printing from BigRep offers a few interesting ways to integrate advanced manufacturing throughout operations.

3D Alliances

AR Support For 3D Printing Companies With New Alliance

Augmented reality (AR) and 3D printing are coming closer together all the time, now including a smart remote field service solution brought to additive manufacturing through a new alliance.


HP Launches 3DaaS Plus

HP has just introduced a new pay-per-use 3D printing subscription model.

aurora labs

Using VR In 3D Printing

Aurora Labs has been experimenting with using VR for working with their metal 3D printer. We speculate on how this could work.


Formlabs Expands Dental Program In A Big Way

Formlabs announced a series of bold moves to secure their place at the top of the dental 3D printing industry, including a new business unit, new dental 3D printing materials and a new dental 3D printer, the Form 3B.


A Quick Guide to 3D Printing Technology

3D printing can be used to make amazing sculptures and innovative technology — but do you know how a 3D printer actually works? A good understanding of the manufacturing process will make it easier to design your own creations.

fast radius

$48M for Fast Radius

Chicago-based Fast Radius has announced a $48 million Series B funding round set to expand its additive manufacturing platform.


Massive Deal For AstroPrint

AstroPrint announced a spectacular arrangement with Stanley Black & Decker.


AdditiveNow Emerges

Aurora Labs and WorleyParsons’ 50/50 joint venture, AdditiveNow, emerges today.


How Will 3D Printing Benefit Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)?

We can expect manufacturing to change in many ways over the coming years, and 3D printing is at the heart of some of the most exciting of these developments. In particular, manufacturing-as-a-service, or MaaS, is coming into its own thanks to advances in 3D printing.


Are 3D Print Services Better?

After reading Matt Sand’s story earlier this week, I am now thinking a bit differently about 3D print services. 


What is “Make On Demand”?

I’m reading a press release from Rize that describes a new service that performs “Make on Demand”. 


La Poste Pushing 3D Printing

There are many post offices in the world, but few are doing as much 3D printing as France’s La Poste.


3D Hubs Makes One Million Parts?

3D print network 3D Hubs announced an impressive milestone: they’ve not produced over one million 3D prints. 

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