Book of the Week: Life Would Be Boring Without 3D Printing

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Book of the Week: Life Would Be Boring Without 3D Printing
Life Would Be Boring Without 3D Printing [Source: Amazon]

This week’s selection is “Life Would Be Boring Without 3D Printing” by Kathleen McDaniel.

This book is perhaps the most unusual we’ve ever featured as Book of the Week, simply because it isn’t technically a book. It has a title, author and cover, with many pages inside, but there’s not much else.

There are no words: it’s a journal.

That’s correct: this is simply a book of blank, lined pages in which you can write pretty much anything you want.

Why would you need this? Aside from the catchy title, a 3D printer operator could most definitely use a journal for a variety of tasks. One that immediately comes to mind is to keep track of iterative results when dialing in the printing parameters on a tricky 3D model. You’ll often have to record speed, temperature and other factors repeatedly to figure out which combination provided the best outcome. This book would be ideal to use for that purpose.

It could also be a wonderful gift for someone with a 3D printer who would be able to use it in different ways.

There’s one curious thing, however. The title of the journal is listed as “Life Would Be Boring Without 3D Printing”, yet the cover says “Life Would Be Boring Witout 3D Printing”.

Could this be a mistake? Or one made on purpose? “Witout” does sound catchy and could definitely make for some interesting conversations.

Either way, you shouldn’t be witout this journal.

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