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By on September 5th, 2022 in Design, news

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The 3D printed deckchair [Source: Papa-prints]

This week’s selection is the Deckchair by Papa-prints.

You may not have heard of Papa-prints, but they are a small repository of functional prints for children and household use. They explain:

“Papa-prints is a collective of dads designing 3D printable stuff for kids & homes and sharing models.”

At the moment the repository contains a number of dollhouse-like items, such as miniature furniture, accessories, and kitchen items. Most are multi-part 3D prints, where you can complete the parts in different filament colors and then assemble the final item.

One of their most interesting items is the Deckchair, which is in fact a miniature deckchair. It’s made of two parts, the slats and the frame, as you might imagine.

But there is some trickery involved in printing the Deckchair. You must first print the slats, preferably with a flexible TPU material — because you want the chair to be comfortable, don’t you?

Frame parts for the 3D printed deckchair [Source: Fabbaloo]

Then you separately 3D print the frame. However, you must pause the print at just the right moment, and then drop the previously 3D printed slats onto the frame. Then, continuing the print will cover over the edge of the slats and seal them in. The Deckchair is then complete.

The chair’s design also includes the ability to fold up, just like a real deck chair.

It’s a nice, simple design that has some complex features, ideal for doing a 3D print project with children.

Via Papa-Prints

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