Design of the Week: GnoMon 3D Printed Fashion Collection

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3D printed fashion [Source: Ganit Goldstein]

This week’s selection is the GnoMon 3D printed fashion collection by designer Ganit Goldstein.

Fabbaloo readers may recall Goldstein from prior stories. In 2020 we wrote about her unusual process of 3D printing directly onto fabric to create unique designs, and in 2021 she partnered with UK-based Satori to develop 3D printed jewelry.

3D printed fashion [Source: Ganit Goldstein]

Now she’s back with a new 3D printed fashion project called “GnoMon”.

3D printed fashion [Source: Ganit Goldstein]

The process Goldstein uses is to lay fabric tightly down on a print surface, then have the 3D printer “infuse” material into the fibers of the fabric with a few layers of printing. By ensuring space between solid elements, Goldstein can maintain the flexibility of the fabric while adding colorful solid elements.

In the past Goldstein has partnered with Stratasys to use their full color PolyJet technology to produce such works, and she’s done so again with the GnoMon project. For these fashions, one of the new Stratasys J850 Techstyle devices was used.

Stratasys J850 TechStyle sample print [Source: Fabbaloo]

The J850 Techstyle is a full color PolyJet system that’s adapted for fashion 3D printing. It has a wide print surface, but a very small Z-height, because fashion prints tend to be quite low. The device also includes mechanisms to easily strap down fabric on the print surface, making it relatively easy to produce amazing 3D printed fashions.

3D printed fashion [Source: Ganit Goldstein]

Goldstein, a researcher at MIT, partnered with Stratasys to exhibit new works at Milan Design Week 2022. Goldstein was one of seven designers chosen to participate with custom works, with her presentation of the GnoMon Collection.

3D printed fashion [Source: Ganit Goldstein]

What’s GnoMon about? Goldstein explains:

“The new collection sheds light on an alternative way to think about scales and times in the fashion industry, where customization and timeless pieces could be a way to change the way we value garments. Inspired by the gnomon, an ancient astronomical instrument that measures the length of shadows to indicate time within a day. Each outfit represents the change in year’s natural cycle as different season, where the collection as a whole demonstrates the uncertainty and blurriness that occurs in modern times between the four seasons.”

From the outrageous 3D printed fashions that first emerged ten years ago, the work that Goldstein produces is just as innovative, yet far more practical. With work such as this underway, it may be that 3D printed fashions may make more frequent appearances in our lives.

Via Ganit Goldstein and DesignBoom

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