Design of the Week: Mechanical Dishwasher Sign

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The 3D printed Mechanical Dishwasher Sign [Source: Printables]

This week’s selection is the Mechanical Dishwasher Sign by Printables contributor Dingus.

“Dingus”, a self-described “Mechanical Engineer, amateur designer and all-around goober” created this item as a kitchen inspiration. Dingus explains:

“I thought designing a dishwasher sign would motivate me to do the dishes more often. Mixed success. Fun project though!”


“I downloaded a gear design plugin for fusion 360 and came up with the design as a means of playing with the tools. It’s kind of ridiculous overkill for what purpose the design actually serves, but the goofy little bit of pride I feel with turning it is a good motivator to do the dishes more often.”

Fair enough. The real motivation here is to simply make a fun and simple machine; mission accomplished.

Design of the 3D printed Mechanical Dishwasher Sign [Source: Printables]

As you can see in this video, the sign is composed of a lettering box that shifts left or right via a geared mechanism.

Operating the 3D printed Mechanical Dishwasher Sign [Source: Reddit]

Is this really a practical item? Dingus offers an insightful opinion:

“If you ever dreamed of having a chunky mess of exposed gearing attached to your dishwasher I would consider speaking with a professional on the nature of that interest, but living with this in your home may provide some suitable analogue.”

One interesting feature of the dishwasher sign is that the letters stand out. According to the original post, Dingus explained that these were painted on. However, a better result might be found by pausing the print at the appropriate moment and swapping filaments on the 3D printer.

The 3D printed Mechanical Dishwasher Sign [Source: Printables]

However, Dingus recommends printing with the letters down due to the complexity of the other side of that part. Either way, you’re probably using support structures.

If you’re tired of using your usual cheap dollar store flip sign on your dishwasher and want to spice up the kitchen with this geary madness, head to Printables and download the files.

Via Printables and Reddit

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