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The X-Series of ceramic and metal 3D printers [Source: Desktop Metal]

Desktop Metal announced additions to the ever-growing 3D printer lineup, but the new entries seem a bit familiar.

The company announced th “X-Series” of binder jet 3D printers that can produce either metal or ceramic objects. There are presently three models in the X-Series:

  • InnoventX, an entry-level research device
  • X25Pro, a production system with build volume 400 x 250 x 250 mm
  • X160Pro, a larger production system with build volume 800 x 500 x 400 mm

Hold on, those product names are pretty similar (or identical) to the products made by ExOne. I’ve posted an image of the three devices at top. They look superficially similar to ExOne equipment, but now sport dark enclosures to fit the Desktop Metal theme, as opposed to the green and white branding of the former ExOne.

There’s also the Desktop Metal logo in red and white on the front panel of each machine.

Ric Fulop, Desktop Metal Co-founder and CEO, said:

“Desktop Metal’s X-Series printers give customers more choices than ever when it comes to binder jet additive manufacturing. Our team is moving aggressively to drive additive manufacturing into mass production through a focused strategy of production-capable printers, high-performance materials, and key applications. Binder jetting is the key technology that enables all the benefits additive manufacturing has to offer at scale, from reduced waste to more efficient, lower-risk supply chains.”

At this point it might be suitable to review Desktop Metal’s lineup as a whole, since they have added quite a large number of devices to their product shelf since they long ago introduced the breakthrough Studio system for inexpensive metal 3D printing. Through new product development or corporate acquisition, they now offer:

  • Production System: high throughput 3D printing for manufacturing with the P-1 and P-50 devices
  • X-Series: Metal and Ceramic 3D printing with the InnoventX, X25Pro, and X160Pro
  • Shop System: Metal 3D printing for machine shops involving printing, powder management and a sintering furnace
  • Studio System: Casual and mostly automated metal 3D printing in an office environment with a printer and sintering furnace
  • Fiber: Continuous carbon fiber 3D printing for strong parts

This list of Desktop Metal products does not include their acquisition of EnvisionTEC, which has been rebranded as “ETEC”, nor their wood fiber 3D printing “Forust” system, both of which seem to have been spun on as separate brands for marketing reasons.

I’m impressed by Desktop Metal’s rapid approach to integrating these products into their product portfolio, or rebranding them separately. Some companies that acquire others never get around to doing this properly. Clearly Desktop Metal has done considerable thinking about how to position these products to the market.

The question now is, what technology will they acquire next?

Via Desktop Metal

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