New AM Materials Round Up, August 5, 2022

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Aerospike nozzle made with EOS NickelAlloy Haynes 282 metal [Source: EOS]

Several new AM materials were announced in the past week.

We often receive notes from manufacturers that have developed new and unique materials, but most times the news value is relatively low and these do not warrant a story on their own. However, we thought we might bundle together several material announcements into one post, this one, for your review.

Kimya’s New PA6 Material

PA6-CO copolymer material and print [Source: Kimya]

Kimya announced a new material, PA6-CO. This is a copolymer, but based on PA6. Kimya explains:

“This unfilled polyamide has excellent tensile strength and very low warping behavior. Unlike other polyamide filaments on the market the PA6-CO is very easy to print and can be used seamlessly on open chamber 3D printers. It is the perfect standard polyamide go-to thanks to its inherent polyamide properties of high mechanical, chemical and heat resistance.”

They also note that it is important to dry this material before printing due its tendency to rapidly absorb humidity from the air.

EOS Announces Four New Metal Materials

Impeller made from EOS StainlessSteel 254 metal [Source: EOS]

EOS announced four unusual new metal materials for use in their popular M 290 metal 3D printer:

  • EOS StainlessSteel 254: With high corrosion resistance, this is ideal for fluid chemical exposure applications
  • EOS StainlessSteel SuperDuplex: Exhibits resistance to impact pitting, for use in rugged industrial applications
  • EOS ToolSteel CM55: Effective for high temperature mechanical environments
  • EOS NickelAlloy HAYNES 282: Offers a combination of engineering properties that makes it ideal for structural applications

These are indeed unusual materials and broadens the capabilities of EOS equipment significantly. Each application requires a particular set of engineering properties, and the more choices of materials that’s made available, the more 3D print applications will take place.

Desktop Metal Qualifies IN625

Metal gears 3D printed in IN625 metal [Source: Desktop Metal]

Desktop Metal announced a new material for their Studio System, one of the least expensive platforms to perform metal 3D printing. The new material is IN625, or Inconel 625.

This is an important material addition, as IN625 material is frequently used by industry for its strength and ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions. However, it is challenging to CNC mill, suggesting that complex shapes could be more easily produced using 3D printing.

Desktop Metal pointed out that the Studio System can now 3D print in Ti6Al4V, copper, 4140, H13 tool steel, D2 tool steel, 17-4PH stainless steels and 316L stainless steels.

Prusament PA11 Carbon Fiber

Strong pipes 3D printed in PA11-CF material [Source: Prusament]

Prusament is known for their exceptional filament quality, and now they’ve added another engineering material: PA11-CF. This is a high grade PA11 mixed with chopped carbon fibers for added strength. Earlier, the company offered PC-CF, but they say the new material is “better in most parameters”.

The material is sold in 800g spools at a price of US$100, or about US$125 per kg. That’s pricey as filament goes, but this is a special material that can be used for production end-use parts due to its strength and thermal & chemical resistance.

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