The Scoop on ABS and PLA

Most personal 3D printers use PLA or ABS plastic, but how much do you actually know about these materials? Aside from the fact that ABS’s melting temperature is somewhat higher than PLA, and that ABS is somewhat stronger than PLA, most 3D printer owners could be challenged to say more.    Don’t fear: there is… Continue reading The Scoop on ABS and PLA

It’s In PrintaBase

What’s PrintaBase? It appears to be a searchable repository of 3D printing information. No 3D models here, just meta information. Their tagline is:    The most comprehensive database for everything 3D printing.     Like you, we’re wondering why their logo says “PrintaBit Beta”, when their site is “PrintaBase”. More than likely this will be… Continue reading It’s In PrintaBase

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Printing An Earthquake

If you happen to come by some digital data of any kind, watch out – it might become a 3D print! Now we see artist Luke Jerram has produced a 3D print of an earthquake, taking the digital data from a seismometer, applying a bit of rotation and voila, a very cool 3D model. Called… Continue reading Printing An Earthquake

3D US Electoral Map or 3D Excel Chart?

We’re always fascinated when someone takes some raw data and somehow converts it into a printable object. Recently Thingiverse user TheNewHobbyist created a great model using the United States Electoral College. For those unfamiliar with obscure US election rituals, it is simply a quantity of votes assigned to each state for purposes of presidential voting. … Continue reading 3D US Electoral Map or 3D Excel Chart?