It’s Not Unlimited, But it’s Pretty Big

By on June 8th, 2014 in printer


3DP Unlimited has announced the 3DP1000 Large Format 3D printer. They’re definitely not kidding. 

The 3DP1000 boasts a build volume of 1000 x 1000 x 500mm and a layer size of as small as 0.07mm. It’s so big it comes on it’s own wheeled cart. 

The machine ships with 1kg of 3mm PLA plastic, but is said to be compatible with other materials, including “ABS”. Since the 3DP1000 does include a borosilicate glass heated bed, attempts to print ABS could be successful, even at this enormous size. PLA will likely work reasonably well, given the presence of the heated bed. 

Printing large objects will clearly be challenging at least in terms of time. Rather than measure print durations in hours, you’ll have to measure them in days. Several of the sample prints we’ve checked out on their website appear to have taken more than two days of solid printing to complete. 

Why such a machine? 3DP Unlimited is a branch of PBC Linear, a company that manufactures robust linear motion components. They say their frustration with existing 3D printing solutions led them to design their own machine using their own components. 

The machine is probably not intended for personal use, as it’s priced at USD$15,999. Still, that’s low enough to show up in many makerspaces around the world. 

Via 3DP Unlimited