George Hart’s Amazing 3D Models

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Interested in mathematically-generated 3D models? We have a site you should check out. 

The site is “George W. Hart’s Rapid Prototyping Web Page”. It’s a ten-year old-style web page, but as everyone knows, mathematics is eternal. Just focus on the models. 

Several intricate mathematically-generated 3D models are offered for download, including the “120 Cell” shown above. Hart describes this piece: 

The 120 Cell is a 4D structure made of 120 regular dodecahedra. This “shadow” of it has the form of one large dodecahedron filled in with 119 smaller dodecahedra. In 4D all the dodecahedra are regular, but in this 3D shadow, angles are necessarily distorted, so only the innermost and outermost dodecahedra appear regular.  

Regardless, we believe this would be a very challenging 3D model to print on personal equipment. Hart recommends sending the model to a 3D print service – but the site pre-dates the emergence of personal 3D printers, so that’s expected. 

Hart provides 3D models for a number of other rather complex shapes, including the Sierpinski Tetrahedron (shown above), the Menger sponge fractal and an elevated icosidodecahedron. 

Some of the models are very unusual, such as this “Woven Assemblage of Salamanders”.

In all there are around 30 models available, often with associated papers describing the process of generating them. 

We strongly suspect your equipment must be perfectly dialed in to even attempt most of these incredible shapes. If so, give it a try. We dare you! 

Via George Hart

By Kerry Stevenson

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