DJ Needs Your Help To 3D Print a New Foot

By on March 6th, 2015 in Usage


It’s a headline that would not have made any sense a few decades ago, but it’s true: a DJ needs a new 3D printed foot. 

It was an unfortunate motorcycle crash in 2013 when 29-year old graphic designer Adam White (“DJ Rewind”) of Fayetteville, NC lost his left foot. Like most amputees, White was fitted with a standard prosthetic limb to replace the missing foot and provide an ability to move about freely. 

However, appearance-wise the prosthetic is simply a post with a shoe on it. White desired something that looked more lifelike and came upon the idea of fitting the post with fairings that portray a more lifelike appearance. 

There are services that actually do this, which we’ve covered previously, but they tend to be pricey, and amputees come in all levels of income. 

White conceived of the idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to get the job done. The plan is to use inexpensive personal 3D printing gear (in this case a MakerBot Z18) to print customized fairings for amputees (including military) from anywhere in the world. 

The project simply asks for donations of various amounts, which will be used to prepare 3D printed fairings for amputees, one at a time. 

We believe this could be an excellent way to solve a problem borne by many who could otherwise not have access to necessary 3D print technology.

Via Kickstarter and Fayetteville Observer

By Kerry Stevenson

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