Watch These 3D Printed Coral Light Designs Grow Into Being

The Coral Lamp Lighting Collection [Source: SolidSmack]

It’s one thing to make a stunning light fixture, but it’s another thing to make a statement with it using a whole different medium.

San Francisco-based industrial designer John Mauriello is well-known for his ability to create eye-catching and functional designs, but the effort that went into his Coral Lamp Lighting Collection is something else entirely:

Above, you can see the promotional video for the lamp collection. Instead of taking still shots from different angles, Mauriello instead decided to utilize computational algorithms and 3D animation to show the “growth” of the lamps as they come into existence.

The animations aren’t exactly a frame-by-frame recreation of the 3D printing process used to make the lamps. Instead, Mauriello wanted to create a video that seemed “otherworldly” and mimic how the coral looks underwater.

Ptototype coral lights [Source: SolidSmack]

Out of the hundreds of prototypes created, only three were finalized for production: the Timor, the Sargasso, and the Celebes. I won’t try to play the marine ecologist and say which corals these lamps take their inspiration from, but I will say all three lamps are 3D printed using processes which recycle waste material (it’s also worth mentioning that 50% of the sales from the Coral Lighting Collection will go to coral reef conservation funds).

The Coral Lamp Lighting Collection [Source: SolidSmack]

The Coral Lamp Lighting Collection is Mauriello’s way of showcasing the ocean’s beauty to people who view his work. As a long-time surfer, his experience of seeing real coral close up inspired him to design these lamps and create a 3D animated video which shows just how mesmerizing they are.

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