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Round the Clock FigurePrints

You'll recall FigurePrints, the 3D print service that specializes in transforming your World of Warcraft avatar into an actual, hold-in-your-hand figurine. It seems they've generated a bit of interest among WoW players. So much so, that they've decided to operate 24x7 nonstop punching out WoW figurines!

Their Vancouver, Canada production plant now has eleven staff and six 3D printers to service the tens of thousands of WoW players who enter a monthly lottery to win a chance at getting their character printed - at a cost of US$129.95 each.

We thought figure printing would be a big deal, and it looks like it's caught on with the WoW universe. Not so with Second Life yet, in spite of services available that can do the job.

Via The Financial Post

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