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Junior Veleso's Homemade High Resolution 3D Printer

Junior's making his own hi-res 3D printer, and he has the experience to do it, having previously converted an inkjet printer into a 3D powder-based version. He's been blogging this journey since July 2010 and is providing all the information and discoveries to the public, "you agree to not make use of it for commercial purpose."
His plan is to use light to fuse resin. The light can be very high resolution, which of course is the main objective of this project. The light will be produced by a standard DLP projector, capable of 1024x768 resolution (actually an Optoma EP728). As his build area is to be 100 x 80 x 130 mm, the 1024x768 resolution will enable pixels of "100 microns" size. 
The project is still ongoing, but he's managed to actually produce prints. However: 
I am still facing a lot of problems to find the right material for the bottom building area, so far I have tested glass (result: don't work as the resin stick to it), acrylic (result: resin stick to it as well) and polycarbonate (Result: resin does not stick but after some minutes the polycarbonate become opaque because of some chemical reaction and does not work anymore.
Good work so far! Be sure to watch the videos, which show a very different approach to 3D printing. 

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