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There's another low-cost 3D printer for sale: The Shapercube.
This German made €979 (USD$1,290) build-it yourself kit is based on the RepRap Darwin design and includes a rather hefty build volume of 190x200x185mm (slightly reduced if an optional second print head is installed).
The key specs:
  • 3mm filament required
  • 0.5mm nozzle
  • Pre-assembled heater
  • Acrylic print surface (heated option available)
  • Rubber mounts to reduce vibration
  • Up to 115mm/s XY print movement
  • Online wiki with all the information required
One interesting feature that stuck out to us was the case. It's made of water jet-cut aluminum. This ensures not only a groovy appearance, but makes the device very solid. However, water jet cutting sometimes leaves scratches and other messes on the aluminum surfaces, so Shapercube offers an option: glass-bead blasted aluminum panels for an extra €100 (USD$132). We'd take that option in a nanosecond.  
Currently they've sold out the first batch and are awaiting a second production run. 

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