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A1's Subtractive UNIMAT Series

A1 Technology, sellers of a variety of additive 3D equipment including the low-cost BfB 3000 3D printer and RapMan 3D printer has introduced an entirely new line of products: The UNIMAT series, a collection of subtractive manufacturing tools. 
The premise is UNIMAT's extremely low pricing and modular design that should enable the technology to get into the hands of many more people, particularly educational institutions. How accessible is it? If you were to purchase the UNIMAT 1 Classic package, which includes a jigsaw, drill press, milling machine (both horizontal and vertical) and a metal lathe - all for only £399 (approx. USD$580). That's accessible!
The series includes "PowerLine" system that permits expandability by adding modules to provide different functions. The "MetalLine" package provides precision tools for highly accurate and professional use, and the CNC package is of course, a CNC machine.
Pricing in Pounds Sterling is as follows:  
  • Playmat £99
  • Unimat 1 Basic £199
  • Unimat 1 Classic £399
  • Styrocut 3D £149
  • Unimat MetalLine Classic £699
  • Unimat Power MetalLine £2,450
  • Unimat CNC line £1,990

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