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North America's Largest 3D Print?

Everyone asks how big can you print, but we have a group trying to print something truly massive. JF Brandon of Vancouver, Canada wants your help to print a gigantic version of famed 3D designer Bathsheba Grossman's "Rygo" for outdoor installation at Gropp’s Gallery of Vancouver.
The Rygo is an algorithmic design - generated mathematically rather than modeled in a conventional sense. It's smooth surface somehow evokes a visual pattern yet retains irregularity. This design has been (and still is) offered for sale by i.Materialise's 3D print service as a jewelry item.
You won't want to hang the proposed version around your neck, however. 
Brandon's proposal is to use the Italian D-Shape 3D printer to produce a massive 2 meter tall version of the Rygo. D-Shape has previously been used to produce outdoor sculptures in concrete and is completely appropriate for this application. 
Obviously this print will be expensive and thus Brandon seeks your assistance via IndieGoGo. To achieve the necessary USD$16,000, you're asked to donate to the project. Special offers are available for a variety of donation levels, ranging from a USD$1 "thank you" to a smaller versions of the Rygo and even some D-Shape prints.  

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