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3D Printers are A "Total Pile of S**T!"

You know something is getting close to popular culture when it enters the world of satire. 3D Printing did just that on a recent post from The Daily Mash, "a satirical website covering national and international news with spoof stories and opinion". 
Their take on 3D printing included these gems:
  • So by all means, print a scale model of a hobbit. And then paint it. And then be proud of yourself.
  • Have you seen the printed ‘bike’? It’s actually worse than the first bike ever made. Imagine what riding it could do to your balls.
  • 3D printers could change everything, as long as we all want to live in a world where only eight people have a job and we all want to buy things that are not very good.
Ouch! But, funny. Remember, the Daily Mash says: 
It’s all made-up and is not intended, in any way whatsoever, to be taken as factual. Hello lawyers.
Via Daily Mash (Hat tip to William)

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