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The DeltaMaker 3D Printer

Aha! Another Kickstarter project has launched the DeltaMaker 3D printer. Recent 3D printer launches on Kickstarter have suffered from an inability to distinguish themselves from each other, but we believe DeltaMaker may not have that issue. 
Why? Because they're using a very different design for their device: instead of the traditional 3-axis rail design, they're using a delta robot. 
Wait, what's a "delta robot"? It's a mechanical design in which an end effector (in this case an extruder) is attached to three vertical axes. By moving them up and down in an appropriate manner, the extruder can move precisely. The DeltaMaker uses smooth linear bearing slides organized in a three tower vertical arrangement. 
The result comes in two forms: very precise accuracy, said to be a mere 0.1mm, and beauty. The unusual design permits easy viewing of the tall prints while in progress, from all directions. Evidently the delta robot design permits speedy prints, but we couldn't find any stats to verify this claim.  
One thing we noticed is that the motion of the extruder is indeed very attractive, as you can see in this video. 
The DeltaMaker can include an optional heated platform for better ABS printing, but the stock version can handle PLA just fine. You'll be able to print fairly large objects in the cylindrical build volume of 9" diameter and 11" tall (229 x 279mm).
You want a DeltaMaker? Sorry, but the USD$499, 799 and 1099 rewards are already sold out. However, you can still sign up for the USD$1399 or higher rewards to receive a completely assembled DeltaMaker 3D printer. 

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