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MakerBot Opens Two New Stores

It's happened. We reported earlier that MakerBot intended to open not one, but two additional retail outlets to add to the initial store located in lower Manhattan. 
One of the new stores is located in Boston, a city of some technological innovation activity, particularly in 3D printing. 
The other store is located in Greenwich, CT. (Image above)
Um, what? Why Greenwich? We can tell you it's a city of just over 62,000 people. We're quite certain it's a terrific place, but it's not exactly a major hub. 
So why open there instead of, say Los Angeles? Or San Francisco? London? 
We found out the reason. It turns out that several of the big-wigs at MakerBot live in Greenwich, CT. We presume they're keeping close watch on the shop's operations. 

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