Eleven Important Events for 3D Printing in 2013

Eleven Important Events for 3D Printing in 2013
It’s the end of another year and time to reflect on what has transpired. In the world of 3D printing, it’s great deal. 2013 had to have been the most momentous year in the history of 3D printing. Let’s look at some of the big events of the year.
  1. The ongoing acquisitions of smaller 3D print-related companies by the giants, Stratasys (who acquired MakerBot) and 3D Systems, who acquired companies too numerous to mention in 2013, most recently Village Plastics.  
  2. The ongoing controversy of 3D printed weapons as triggered by Defense Distributed. Most recently the US government extended the ban on such weapons
  3. The explosion of 3D printing into the retail space, including new stores for MakerBot, a dedicated 3D printing store (iMakr) in London, sales at Staples, Harrods, Tesco and more. 
  4. Stratasys’ lawsuit against Afinia, in what could be the beginning of a series of legal actions that could fundamentally reshape the personal 3D printing industry. 
  5. The beginning of a release for intricate 3D scans previously held privately by major institutions
  6. New personal 3D scanning equipment, such as MakerBot’s digitizer and 3D Systems’ Sense handheld scanner
  7. The explosion of attendance at 3D printing conferences, including London’s 3D Printshow.
  8. The new focus on unusual 3D print materials, by both small hobby equipment makers and the big guys.
  9. The massive success of Kickstarter-based 3D printing companies, including Formlabs, who just raised USD$19M, Pirate 3D and the world’s first USD$100 3D printer.
  10. The rise of crowdsourced 3D print services from companies such as MakeXYZ and 3D Hubs.
  11. The incredible public interest and awareness of 3D printing, which even reached presidential levels
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