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The Perfect Cast is 3D Printed

Designer Jake Evill has done something good. Something truly amazing that could change the future. He's produced a custom-fit 3D printed exoskeleton piece that can be used as a cast for broken limbs. 
The "Cortex" cast is a sparse model that perfectly fits the exterior shape of the limb, while providing adequate support for the limb. In fact, the sparse structure is not random; it is dynamically adapted to include extra strong regions near the points of vulnerability. 
Even better, the cast solves most other issues found in common plaster or fiberglass casts: 
The Cortex exoskeletal cast provides a highly technical and trauma zone localized support system that is fully ventilated, super light, shower friendly, hygienic, recyclable and stylish.
The cortex cast utilizes the x-ray and 3d scan of a patient with a fracture and generates a 3d model in relation to the point of fracture.
You may consider this a novelty, but we do not. This represents the beginning of a new large industry: custom casts such as Cortex should become normal procedure in the near future. It's personalized in shape and features, highly functional over current options and in a market that could afford the price of 3D printing. 
The perfect 3D print application.  

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