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The Kossel Clear Full Sized Delta 3D Printer

Looking to build an unusual 3D printer? You might consider Blue Eagle Labs' Kossel Clear 3D printer kit. It's a delta 3D printer, which employs a different mechanical approach than traditional linear X-Y-Z methods such as Cubify and MakerBot. The delta approach involves suspending the single extruder by three legs which are precisely moved along vertical axes to produce very smooth and rapid motion in all directions. As a bonus, delta 3D printers also can easily print tall objects. 
The Kossel Clear is a kit, but once built you'll enjoy these key features: 
  • Up to 320mm/s speed in ALL directions
  • Up to 0.1mm resolution 
  • Build volume of 279 x 279 x 279mm
  • Fewer than 200 parts
  • PLA-capable (add $100 for ABS capability, a heated bed)
And one more impressive feature: Automatic leveling. 
The Kossel Clear is available on Kickstarter in various combinations, but the base level for a complete kit is only USD$500. However, prices will rise as kits are purchased. You'll also be able to purchase a fully assembled version for USD$1000. 
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